About Us

Robert Arnold Selections is a partnership of three wine industry professionals brought together by a passion for small production, artisanal wine. We focus on family estates in Eastern Europe. Many have been producing wine from their family's land generation after generation and the latest generation has a renewed passion for the art of wine. These wines tend to be of the highest quality and competitively priced. We've deemed these wine producing regions, "The New Old World". Our personal connections to the wine makers and growers help to ensure that we work directly with the source of the wine and pass on the tradition, passion and value to our clients. We strive to share the story of the people and the passion behind the wines we represent. 

We personally manage all of the logistics of the importation so that we can ensure the wine is properly shipped and distributed using temperature controlled containers and warehousing along the way.  We prefer to be the sole American importer of the Estates we represent. It is our goal to offer you incredible wines of great value and impeccable customer service.


Our team: 





Robert Arnold Pecota: Managing Partner

Robert Pecota , grape grower and winemaker since 1971, landed in the Napa Valley when his career brought him from a commodities broker in coffee and tea to grape and land acquisitions for Beringer Vineyards.

Establishing a vineyard and winery in Calistoga, the first Robert Pecota Winery wine was released in 1978 and eventually daughters Kara and Andrea joined the business which grew to produce 20,000 cases of wine a year selling in markets across the US and internationally. In 2006, the family sold the original vineyard and winery estate.

“ I kept reflecting on recent trips to Europe and on my experiences as a graduate student at the University of California when in 1965 I participated in an economic study mission to the former Soviet block countries. When the Berlin wall fell in October 1989 I was elated with the opportunity it would present to the historic wine producers of the region. The old Eastern Europe has emerged as the “new old world”.

Today Robert is launching a wine import company, Robert Arnold Selections, focused on bringing Eastern European wines to the US consumer.








Kara Pecota Dunn: Operations Partner

Kara Pecota Dunn is a second generation Napa Valley vintner. As the daughter of Robert Pecota of Robert Pecota Winery in Calistoga, and the wife of Michael Dunn of Dunn Vineyards on Howell Mountain, she has been involved in the wine industry since her childhood. After receiving her BA from UC Davis in International Relations in 1990, she worked her way up to the role of GM of Robert Pecota Winery, and started Retro Cellars in 2003 with her husband. Kara’s two wineries, Dunn Vineyards and Retro Cellars, are famous for their Petite Sirahs & Cabernet Sauvignons. She is also a founding member of the organization “A Woman’s Palate”, an organization created to connect women winemakers to women consumers, with the goal of empowering the latter to feel confident and knowledgeable in ordering and buying wine.





 Rachel Stellareese Davies: Marketing Partner

Rachel Stellareese Davies a Calistoga native has worked in the wine industry since 2004. For 6 years she managed the winery T-Vine Cellars. There she learned all aspects of running a winery; from making the wine to selling it and everything in between. In 2007 Rachel took her passion for wine to the next level and began her own label, Stellareese Wine.  Rachel has a wine club and a philanthropic wine project called "Community", whose proceeds go toward interest free loans for entrepreneurs wishing to start their own wine business.